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The villages in the North Rupununi range in size from about 100 people to over 600 people, all living off the land and the supplies sold at the local shops. Children attend local schools and adults work the local land and occassionally travel out for goods from cities.

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Each village has a primary top school, allowing students to advance through Form 3 (Grade 9). Three secondary schools are located in the Rupununi, in St. Ignatius, Annai, and Aishalton.

Religion is an important part of life in our communities and our churches are built through village cooperation. We have many Christian churches throughout the North Rupununi.

Take your family to the farm at the mountain foot to gather your ground provisions.

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Local shops sell goods that come from local ranches and villagers, as well as goods that come by road to our remote villages. Many shops have a generator and serve as a meeting place in the evenings, where you can relax to Caribbean music, dance to Brazilian music, or watch a movie.
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